My granny is ninety five, a great woman for her age.

God love her, she had a fall and broke her hip. She can’t look after herself anymore so she’s gone into a nursing home. She hates it. We went in to see her the weekend.

  • I want to go home
  • This is your home granny
  • I mean my own home
  • You can’t love
  • Why not?
  • Because you can’t look after yourself
  • Yes I can. I’m well able
  • But you had a fall. You could fall again
  • And you could get run over by a bus on the way home Bernie
  • You need someone to take care of you granny
  • I can take care of myself
  • But you can’t granny
  • This place is full of old people
  • Some of them are younger than you
  • Are you saying I’m old?
  • I never said that
  • I am old though aren’t I Bernie? I should be dead long ago
  • You’ll always be young at heart granny
  • A young heart is no good to an old body
  • And you still have it all upstairs too
  • That’s no use to a body that’s giving up on me. I’d be better off dead
  • No you wouldn’t
  • What use am I to anybody in here?
  • You still have your family granny. We need you
  • No you don’t Bernie. You have your own family now.
  • You’re my family granny. I love you
  • I just want to go home Bernie. I want to die in me own home, in me own chair, surrounded by me own stuff
  • You’re not dying granny. You’ve loads of life left in you
  • And sure what use is that to me in this place Bernie

Aww Granny   😦


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