Jimmy is very sensitive about his hairline…or lack of. I’m actually surprised he hasn’t got a comb over like his uncle Albert. One gust of wind and Albert’s locks would trail behind him like a horses mane in the grand national.

  • I’m heading over to the barbers Bernie
  • For what Jimmy?
  • To have me nipple pierced, what do you think
  • Very nice Jimmy. Which one? Left or right?
  • Feck off Bernie. I’m going to get me hair cut
  • Which one Jimmy? Left or right?
  • Very funny
  • They say people lose their hair due to worrying Jimmy
  • You’ll always have a full head of hair so Bernie
  • I have my worries Jimmy Violet
  • So do I Bernie Rose
  • What have you got to worry about?
  • Well, losing me hair for starters
  • No point in getting a transplant so
  • Why not
  • Sure you’d probably lose it again Jimmy
  • Touché Bernie
  • Toupeé Jimmy

comb over

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