Feeling hot hot hot

Between the weather and me going through the change, I just couldn't cope with the hot flushes. To cheer me up, Jimmy booked a meal for the family as a belated birthday celebration. The owner of the pub is a bit of a gobshite, he's an old neighbour of ours, who's up his own arse … Continue reading Feeling hot hot hot

Elbow bumps

Jasons young fella was over yesterday. I haven't seen him in weeks, god bless him. Hiya nanna Ah howya son, give us a hug there. Not yet nanna, there's still a virus you know. I know all about it, sure didn't I have it meself. I know, so I don't want to get it from … Continue reading Elbow bumps

Banana bread and designer masks.

Things that are getting on my wick during lockdown : 1 : People baking their own banana bread. 2 : People cooking fabulous meals from what's in the bottom of their fridges, ( Thanks, Jamie Oliver) 3 : People crocheting blankets. 4 : People making their own designer masks. 5 : People running/jogging/cycling in the … Continue reading Banana bread and designer masks.