Party gaff

This was Easter weekend a few years ago before any grandchildren came along. When I thought my kids could be trusted. 🙄 Me and Jimmy went away for a few days over the Easter break. I'd been up to me eyes with me ma and work and the whole lot. I warned my lot not … Continue reading Party gaff

O is for obituary

Back to 2018 when I wrote my dieting obituary. Best known for her love of karaoke and vodka shots, Bernie Rose Violet lived a full and happy life…until she decided to go on a diet. ”That was the day the music died for me” Bernie said, as she nibbled on a celery stick, and sipped … Continue reading O is for obituary

I is for inheritance.

Are you going on holidays, ma?Thinking about it, why?Where are you going?Not sure yet. Rome, India, the Bahamas.The Bahamas is very expensive.We have savings. You can't be spending all that.Why can't I?That's our inheritance.It is in its arse.I'm only joking. You go enjoy yourself while you can.What do mean, while I can?Clock is ticking ma, … Continue reading I is for inheritance.