Yesterday I saw a chap I used to date years ago. Jimmy was with me.

  • Omg, there’s Shane Farrell.
  • Who?
  • I went out with him when I was 17.
  • I hope he had more hair back then.
  • He had loads of curly black hair.
  • Where? On his legs?
  • Don’t be horrible,Jimmy. I heard he made it big in the eighties.
  • What, his belly? He never lost it,Ber.
  • He has let himself go a bit alright.
  • What were you thinking,Bernie?
  • I must have been mad.
  • You must have been.
  • I mean, I must have been mad to break up with him.
  • Have you seen the cut of him?
  • Have you seen the car he’s driving?
  • Fair point, but you’d think if he’s going to drive a convertible he’d sort out his comb over.



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