Reality Bites #AprilAtoZ

Listening to the girls chatting this morning, I think it's finally hit them that they're not going anywhere anytime soon.... Kylie, look at the state of my eyebrows. Will you do them for me? I will later. You said that yesterday, they're getting worse. What's your rush? Who's going to see you? I can see … Continue reading Reality Bites #AprilAtoZ

Obituary of a dieting housewife #AtoZChallenge

Best know for her love of karaoke and vodka shots, Bernie Rose Violet lived a full and happy life...until she decided to go on a diet. ''That was the day the music died for me'' Bernie said, as she nibbled on a celery stick, and sipped her low cal iced water with a dash of … Continue reading Obituary of a dieting housewife #AtoZChallenge