• So, did you watch it?
  • What?
  • That new programme on the telly last night. ‘KIN’, I told you it was starting.
  • Oh right, I did yeah.
  • What did you think?
  • A bit like ‘Love/Hate’ for south siders, well according to Jimmy anyway.
  • It’s no wonder young ones are lured into drugs.
  • But the young ones don’t get to live in the swanky houses.
  • Or drive the fancy cars, Bernie.
  • Its what sucks them in but, ma.
  • And programmes like this only encourages them.
  • Hardly, ma.
  • And all that bad language. Wasn’t it shocking?
  • No worse than what I hear down the pub of a Saturday night, to be honest.
  • There’s no need for that C word every five minutes.
  • It was a bit over used alright.
  • Can no one speak now without using bad language?
  • Leave it out, ma. You’re not short of a few colourful words yourself.
  • Excuse me, I don’t use language like that, how dare you.
  • So, who called the manager in Spar a robbing bastard last week?
  • Well, he is a robbing bastard, but I’d never call him a ‘See you next Wednesday’.
  • ‘See you next Tuesday’, ma.
  • Oh are you leaving already, Bernie?
  • No ma, it’s called a ‘See you next Tuesday.’
  • Well, whatever day it is, there’s no need for it.
  • So did you not enjoy it then?
  • What?
  • Kin…the new telly programme?
  • Not really, as you said, its very ‘Love/Hate’ alright.
  • So, you won’t be watching again then?
  • Sure I may as well, there’s feck all else on the telly these days.
  • Mind your language, ma.
  • Shag off, Bernie.

Fuck sake 🙂

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