Elbow bumps

Jasons young fella was over yesterday. I haven’t seen him in weeks, god bless him.

Hiya nanna

Ah howya son, give us a hug there.

Not yet nanna, there’s still a virus you know.

I know all about it, sure didn’t I have it meself.

I know, so I don’t want to get it from you.

You can’t get it from me, I don’t have it anymore.

But mammy said…

Oh your mammy told you not to be hugging me did she?

She said I’m not to hug anyone during the pandemic.

I’m not anyone, I’m your nanny.

Sorry nanny.

It’s not your fault love. I’ve just missed your hugs.

I missed yours too nanny.

Aww, that’s lovely.

Hey, I can probably give you an elbow bump.

Sure that would be fantastic.

…and I’m sure we can have a hug soon, nanny… or a high five 🤔

This bloody covid malarky has my heart broken.😥😥😥

21 thoughts on “Elbow bumps

  1. Keep up the good work!

    I can tell you by the number of homes I have visited and the burials I have presided.

    Sweet is the memory of every hug, wonderful is the dream of the hugs to come, grateful is the heart that that will one day hug again.

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  2. I’d settle for a blown kiss, or an elbow bump (whoever thought that was a good alternative?) from my grandkids. Haven’t seen them since February and no likelihood anytime soon with our Aussie states in semi-lockdown. Like you I miss them heaps.

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