Jackie’s Army

  • Another legend gone,Bernie.
  • Ah that’s sad, Jimmy. I liked him.
  • Best Ireland soccer manager we ever had.
  • I actually enjoyed the world cups back then, Jimmy.
  • Remember Italia ’90?
  • I remember you fecking off to the pub for every match and leaving me at home with the kids.
  • Good times, Bernie, good times.
  • For you yeah.
  • Your ma babysat so you could come to watch the quarter final.
  • And you said I brought you bad luck because we were knocked out by Italy.
  • Fucking Scillachi, broke my heart that day.
  • So it wasn’t just me then. You always blamed me for ruining football.
  • June 17th 1994, that’s all I’ll say, Bernie.
  • J.R.’s birthday.
  • World cup opening ceremony in Chicago.
  • Oh excuse me for going into labour with your child.
  • Bad enough you going into labour. I couldn’t even watch it on the telly at the hospital because Sky News was following OJ Simpson and his white Bronco motorway chase for hours.
  • See; you always blame me.
  • And OJ, Bernie. Thank god the child was born that night.
  • Yes, thank god I was only in labour for  NINE HOURS, Jimmy.
  • We beat Italy 1-0 the next day.
  • I’m glad it was so memorable for you.
  • Golden years Bernie, and it was down to Jack Charlton, he changed Irish football. He put us on the map. Everyone loved him.
  • And the whole of Ireland still singing that bloody song.
  • Olé olé olé olé … We were all part of Jackie’s army Ber.
  • But we never won the cup Jimmy.
  • But we felt like we did, Ber; We felt like we did. Jack did that.

jack R.I.P. Jack ; gentleman,  legend, honorary Irishman.

12 thoughts on “Jackie’s Army

  1. Funny, I was hanging around the maternity hospital at the same time. They had TVs on in every waiting area full of men and women in blue scrubs and white coats glued to the games. I don’t think many babies were getting born, sticking us full of whatever it is that stops the contractions until the games were over.
    It was a great feeling that though.

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