Maisie is still keeping up with the neighbours on Wattsapp…

  • Did I tell you, Mrs. Carney’s youngest is home.
  • The chap that went to Australia? How many times has he gone and come back?
  • Three, they’ve started calling him Boomerang. He’s home ages, it’s the other son that’s home now, you know, young Chilly?
  • Chilly?Where was he, Iceland?
  • No, London.
  • So why do they call him Chilly then?
  • Because his name is Con.
  • Con Carney?
  • Yeah, after his da.

I’m too slow sometimes 🤣🤣🤣

19 thoughts on “Chilly

      1. Lol, and Maisie would know! My brother’s names were Timothy, Anthony Conrad, John Patrick, sisters, Teresa Mary, Mary Anne, and Frances Jane! Lol! 💜💜💜☀️


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