Quarrels #AtoZchallenge


Jimmy and Whitney always arguing over something…

  • Do you want to lose your job?
  • Why would I lose me job?
  • Going into work dressed like that?
  • Like what?
  • Like a stripper.
  • Jesus da, thanks for that.
  • Well, that skirt is half way up your backside.
  • Hardly, da.
  • Could you not wear something more suitable?
  • Hang on ’til I iron me burka.
  • No need to be snotty, I’m only making an observation here.
  • I’m not going to lose me job just because I wear  a short skirt da.
  • It looks more like a belt to me.
  • I’m going to work, da.
  • Well at least put a coat on for walking to the bus stop, its a bit nippy out.
  • It’s 22 degrees.
  • It’s cold in the shade.
  • Bye da…


He’s turning into a right old codger, lol.

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