Driving on air


  • Were you out in the car Bernie?
  • I was, why?
  • Did you get petrol?
  • No
  • Why not?
  • I just didn’t
  • You know the petrol light was on last night
  • Why didn’t you get petrol last night then?
  • It’s not my car
  • Well you were driving it
  • For five minutes down to me mas yeah. Where did you go?
  • I went to the Avoca shop with Lynn
  • You drove all the way there with the petrol light on?
  • Jaysis, it’s  Rathcoole Jimmy, not bleedin’ Blackpool
  • I don’t know how you do it
  • Do what?
  • Drive around on bleedin’ air
  • It’s a gift Jimmy
  • One of these days you’re going to run out and then you won’t be laughing
  • I’m not laughing
  • Well you’re not too concerned
  • I got home didn’t I
  • This time you did yeah
  • Lighten up will you, why does it bother you?
  • Because I’m the one you’ll be ringing when you’re stuck in the middle of the Naas Road
  • Oh so it’s yourself you’re worried about? Well no need to worry, I’ll call the AA
  • You can’t be depending on The AA when you run out of petrol
  • Of course I can. I’m a member amn’t I
  • You’re a bleedin’ looper that’s what you are Bernie
  • And you’re a stress ball Jimmy

fuel guage


That man needs to take a chill pill…jaysis

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