Loose woman



  • Are you sitting there all morning ?
  • I just sat down to have a coffee is that alright?
  • You were sitting there when I left this morning
  • Because I was only after making your breakfast and hanging out the washing and I fancied a cup of tea and a slice of toast for me own breakfast while I watched Lorraine
  • You’ve a great life all the same, cups of tea and coffee and breaks whenever you like
  • I’m only after sitting down I told you
  • I believe ye, thousands wouldn’t
  • Believe what you like Jimmy, now excuse me, til I catch the end of Loose Women
  • I wish I had time to watch Loose Women but I’ve only half an hour to get a bit of lunch
  • You can’t stand Loose Women?
  • I know but it beats working your arse off on a bulding site
  • You’re not the only one who works you know. I’m on the go all morning
  • But you’re at home all day. You’re your own boss Bernie
  • Yeah, it’s great having no one looking over your shoulder alright
  • You’re very touchy today
  • Am I? I wonder why? Oh by the way, we had visitors earlier
  • Who?
  • Kim and Aggie called at nine this morning, they hoovered the hall stairs and landing while they were here
  • Did they? That’s nice
  • Yeah, then they cleaned out the Ā bathroom and the ensuite, mopped the floors, cleaned the windows, changed the duvets, emptied and refilled the dishwasher, then put on three loads of washing. I told them not to get in Alans way while they were hanging it out on the line
  • Alan who?
  • Titchmarsh…he was out doing a bit of weeding before planting the spring bulbs.
  • Is that right?
  • Yeah.Two hours he was out there. Jamie came in just as he was leaving
  • Jamie who?
  • Jamie Oliver. He made a lovely sheperds pie for your dinner…from scratch.
  • Very nice, and did he make any dessert?
  • He was going to make an apple crumble and custard but I told him not to bother
  • Why?
  • Calm down Bernie. Sure can’t we open a tin of fruit and have it with some ice cream instead.
  • Get out of me way Jimmy before I lose me mind. I’m missing me programme, and you’re getting on me last nerve.
  • Any chance of a ham sandwich and a cuppa?
  • You know where the kettle is, and there’s ham in the fridge
  • Are you not going to make it for me?
  • I just sat down Jimmy
  • You just can’t get the staff these days …

I’ll swing for him one of these days, I swear šŸ™„

8 thoughts on “Loose woman

  1. The grass is always greener. Have you tried leaving him home for a day with a list of chores? It might help, i remember the first time i left my Sweetie home to take care of the house and children by himself. He gained a new appreciation!


  2. This is so funny, and so true! After I tore my calf muscle keeping my younger boy out of the street, it took five people to replace me while I healed up. It’s true, they never notice everything you do until you don’t do it!

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