•  See that Hugh Hefner fella died
  • Jaysis, he’s been around for a long time
  • Ninety one he was, it’s here in this mornings paper
  • Older than me ma
  • You know he was sixty years older than his last wife
  • Sure the older he got, the younger his wives got. What the hell did they see in him?
  • Money Bernie, that’s all… money
  • …and him always hanging around in his pyjamas
  • Ever ready what!
  • I can’t see them throwing him out of Tesco’s if he went in for a jumbo breakfast roll in his jammies
  • They say he went deaf from too much viagra
  •  Jaysis I must warn uncle Billy
  • Your uncle Billy has been deaf for years
  • So he has…ooohh
  • All them bunny girls, he must have had thousands of them over the years
  • A dirty old man he was
  • It says here that he died surrounded by his loved ones
  • He must’ve had a huge bed for all them bunnies to gather round
  • I’m sure they mean his wife and kids, but yeah, I heard his bed was massive alright
  • I can’t see him getting into Heaven, can you Jimmy?
  • Well if he does, it will be a bit of a let down for him after the Playboy Mansion Bernie
  • Jimmy!!


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