Zoom #AtoZChallenge

Z 2017

  • Heya ma
  • Are you not gone yet?
  • Obviously not
  • I thought you’d be supping a large vodka at the airport by now
  • I am
  • Well for some. So what do you want?
  • That’s lovely alright. I rang to say goodbye
  • You said goodbye yesterday
  • Jaysis, you’re full of the joys today aren’t you
  • I wouldn’t like you to miss your flight over me Bernie
  • Sure we’ve loads of time
  • How’s Jimmy?
  • Not a bother. Enjoying a couple of pints before the flight
  • Sure he may as well
  • Do you want to say hello to him….JIMMY, ME MA WANTS  TO SAY GOODBYE TO YOU
  • No I don’t. Let him alone will you
  • He said to tell you to feck off, he said goodbye to you yesterday
  • Charming
  • Right I’d better go ma. They’re calling our flight
  • Have a great time Bernie. Love you
  • Love you too ma. Hasta la vista
  • Who’s pissed off?
  • The whole airport can hear me ma
  • WHAT?
  • BYE MA


4 thoughts on “Zoom #AtoZChallenge

  1. Have a nice holiday Bernie! I shall miss my daily dose of Ma hilarity. I hope she will crop up occasionally on your blog. Well done for getting through the month with sustained high quality writing. Look forward to reading more on your blog in the future 🙂

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