You only live once #AtoZChallenge

Y 17

  • I think I’ll come with you Bernie
  • Grand. I’ll get your coat ma
  • Will I need a coat?
  • It’s freezing out, of course you’ll need a coat
  • I thought it was warm in Spain?
  • It probably is, but we’re in Ireland ma
  • But when we go to Spain will it be warm?
  • What do you mean when WE go to Spain?
  • I just told you, I’m going with you
  • I thought you meant to the shops ma
  • You don’t be listening to me Bernie
  • I try not to ma
  • What?
  • You can’t come to Spain ma
  • Why not?
  • Because your pre op is while I’m away and you can’t get your new knee until that’s done
  • So who’s going to bring me
  • Phillo and Mags and Marion will be here, Angela will be up at the weekend, and of course there’s always your sons…
  • I’m not looking forward to it Bernie. I’d rather be going to Spain with you
  • Ah Phillo isn’t that bad ma, and Angela will only be here for a couple of days
  • I meant the operation, not your sisters
  • I know ma, I’m only messing with you. ANYWAY IT’S ONLY A PRE OP. I TOLD YOU A HUNDRED TIMES
  • You’re not a cripple…leave it out. you’re such a drama Queen
  • I’d like to see you getting a new knee
  • Ah look ma, you’ll be grand. Look how long you’ve been waiting for this. You’ll be like a new loo when it’s done
  • I hate hospitals
  • Doesn’t everyone ma
  • What if I don’t wake up?
  • You will wake up, and you won’t know yourself with your noonie
  • But they’re sending me to convalesce afterwards Bernie
  • The nursing home is lovely. It’s only for a couple of weeks until you get used to your noonie
  • Stop calling it me noonie
  • It will always be your noonie to me ma
  • Get away out of that. You’re a divil you are
  • …and where did I get that from then?
  • Go on with you. You have a great time in Spain. You only live once Bernie. Make the most of it
  • I will ma, and sure can’t you come with us next time
  • Maybe I will
  • It’s a date so. Me, you and noonie


Ah bless her  😉

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