Under the duvet #AtoZChallenge

U 17

  • You staying in bed again today ma?
  • I’m not very well
  • What’s up with you?
  • I think it was that takeaway we had last night
  • You always blame what you eat
  • I’m never eating Chinese again
  • You keep saying that ma
  • I mean it this time. I’m awake all night
  • You were unconscious every time I looked in on you
  • No I wasn’t
  • You were
  • I only had my eyes closed
  • You were snoring
  • No I wasn’t
  • You were
  • Well I’m not getting up yet
  • No problem. Do you want breakfast?
  • Oh no. I couldn’t eat a thing
  • O.K.
  • I’d love a up of tea
  • I’ll make it now
  • Maybe I’ll try a slice of toast
  • No problem
  • You know I can’t drink tea on it’s own
  • Right so
  • I never felt as tired in me life Bernie
  • You say that every morning ma
  • No I don’t
  • That bed has you tired, you’re never out of it lately
  • Me knee is giving me gyp as well
  • Did you take your painkillers?
  • I’ll take them with me tea and toast
  • Okeydoke ma
  • I’m not very well today Bernie
  • So you said
  • What?
  • Yes, maybe I will try an egg
  • I thought you weren’t eating because you were sick?
  • It might settle me stomach Bernie
  • Whatever you say
  • What?

2 thoughts on “Under the duvet #AtoZChallenge

  1. No breakfast, just tea, and toast, and an egg. That’s not breakfast.

    Hang in there, as my friend Grace used to say, try to be patient, that might be us someday and we want others to be patient with us.

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