Takeaway #AtoZChallenge

T 2017

  • I’m just ordering a Chinese ma, what would you like?
  • You know my stomach is not able for that spicy food Bernie
  • Chicken curry isn’t spicy
  • I’ll just have a breast of chicken, no sauce
  • Rice or noodles?
  • Chips
  • I thought you weren’t eating chips anymore because they’re too greasy
  • A few won’t harm me
  • Right so chicken and chips for you, chicken curry, fried rice and noodles for me. I’ll just go ring them now
  • Oh order me a curry sauce while you’re on
  • You just said you didn’t want anything spicy
  • But you can’t eat chips without curry sauce
  • You do on Fridays
  • That’s chipper chips. You have red sauce with chipper chips. You have curry sauce with Chinese chips
  • You could just have some of my chicken curry with chips so
  • Ah no, I told you I don’t want anything too spicy
  • But…
  • What?
  • Nothing ma…nothing. I’ll just go and order the food.

4 thoughts on “Takeaway #AtoZChallenge

  1. You’re a goddamned saint, you know that? I’d be standing in front of her, waving the chicken curry until she admits that the actual problem with it is that she just doesn’t like chicken curry. Which is fine! Just say THAT! Also, now I want curry. Husband wasn’t planning on making curry tonight, so I’ll tell him it’s your fault, k?

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