Last Tango in Ballyer #AtoZChallenge


L 2017

  • Nice cup of tea ma?
  • Actually I’ll have a cappuccino Bernadette
  • A cappuccino? Since when did you drink cappuccinos?
  • Since now
  • …and where am I supposed to get a cappuccino I ask you? I only bought Maxwell House
  • There’s a packet of them out on the counter
  • Where did you get them?
  • Leonard dropped them over for me this morning
  • Leonard? Who the fuck is Leonard?
  • One of the gays across the road
  • I thought they were called Mark and Julian?…and stop calling them the gays ma
  • No, next door to them. Number five
  • Are they all gay over that side of the road?
  • No just number five and seven, although I have me doubts about Sue in number eleven. She always looked a bit butch
  • Ma!
  • What? she does. I’ve never seen her in a dress
  • Loads of women don’t wear dresses ma
  • Leonard dresses more feminine than her. Lovely pastel shirts and paisley trousers
  • How do know him ma?
  • I’ve seen him going in and out of his house a few times and when I went down the club last night, there he was, doing a dance class
  •  Dance class? I thought you were going to the bingo What about your gammy knee?
  • The bingo is changed to Friday nights. Dance classes are on Thursdays now. I only did one or two dances. Leonard says I’m a natural
  • There’ll be no stopping you when you get your knee op ma
  • That’s what Leonard said
  • Did he now?
  • He did. He gave me a lift home too
  • Are you sure he’s gay? Sounds like you fancy him. How old is he?
  • He’s seventy two and he’s definitely gay and I do not fancy him
  • Seventy two? jaysis …and I suppose you asked him if he was gay as well
  • I didn’t have to. It’s obvious he’s gay
  • How is it obvious? Just because he wears pink shirts?
  • Don’t be stupid Bernie
  • How am I stupid?
  • You don’t have to be gay to wear a pink shirt
  • Well how is it obvious then?
  • He’s a dancer Bernie
  • So he does the tango, big deal. that doesn’t make him gay
  • Straight men don’t dance like that
  • Da did
  • Ah that was different
  • How is it different
  • It just is. Back in the day, real men danced. You know, the waltz, the foxtrot, the American smooth, but not anymore Bernie
  •  You’ll have to stop talking like that before you get yourself into trouble ma.Gay men are real men too you know
  • Ah lighten up Bernie. You know what I mean. I meant straight men could dance when I was young. Proper dancing, none of that rocker head banging stuff
  • Jimmy dances…he’s not gay
  • That’s not dancing. He just shakes his head and plays an imaginary guitar when he’s jarred
  • So what kind of dancing does Leonard do, apart from the tango down the over sixties club?
  • Jazz ballet
  • Enough said ma. I’ll get you your cappuccino…


You just can’t let that woman out of your sight!

4 thoughts on “Last Tango in Ballyer #AtoZChallenge

  1. Heeheehee! Yes, keep an eye on her or she will learn to dance and maybe she and the teacher will go on the lam together, teaching dance across the country!

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