Man Buns and Moobs #AtoZChallenge

M 2017


Maisie loves the football, but she’s always commenting on what the players look like…


  • Is that a fella or a girl playing Bernie?
  • It’s a fella ma. Man United don’t have girls on their team
  • Well he looks like a girl with that bun in his hair
  • It’s called a man bun
  • Why do men have buns?
  • To keep their hair out of their eyes when they’re playing
  • Would he not just get a nice short back and sides?
  • You’d think so  wouldn’t you?
  • Sure the men aren’t men anymore. A shower of sissys your poor da would have called them. Lord rest his soul. Look at that fella with a ponytail, in the name of God, what’s he like?
  • It’s just the fashion ma
  • Fashion me arse Bernie. Why do they want to look like women?
  • Smell of want off them Ma
  • God be with the days when men were men and women were women. You just can’t tell the difference these days with the long hair, earrings and fake tan
  • My Jimmy is a real man
  • Real men don’t have moobs Bernie
  • Jimmy doesn’t have moobs
  • If you say so
  • Yes I do say so. No moobs…no man bun… no ponytail…no earrings…no fake tan…O.K.?
  • You’re very touchy about your husband aren’t you?
  • And why shouldn’t I be?
  • He could never have a man bun anyway. Sure I’ve more hair on me lip than he has on his head
  • Just watch the football ma will ye!

The bleedin’ cheek of her sometimes…thinks she can say what she likes  😦


12 thoughts on “Man Buns and Moobs #AtoZChallenge

  1. Your Jimmy is a real man, and she knows it. She just likes to tease because after a woman gets to be a certain age, she can get away with saying outrageous things.

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  2. I remember when my oldest son was about 10 the “fashion” was to let a small portion of your hair in the back grow long. They called it a tail. When I married a man in the Navy who had a son almost the same age as mine, his son wanted a tail…lol My husband at the time told me that only punks had a tail and that his son would never have one. So I just said, “So there have never been any serial killers who had a crew cut?” He thought for a minute and then allowed his son to start growing out his tail.

    Plucking Of My Heartstrings

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