I will survive #AtoZChallenge

Me sister Phillo is with me ma today so I dropped round to Julie for a chat.

I 2017

  • Put the kettle on Julie will ye, me head is banging
  • What’s up with you?
  • Me ma, that’s what’s up
  • What did she do now
  • Apart from breath you mean?
  • Ah Bernie, she’s not that bad
  • Not that bad? Not that bleeding bad. She’s doing my head in Julie
  • Tell me
  • No matter what I do for her she just moans constantly
  • Ah she’s not well Bernie
  • Tell me about it. If it’s not her arse it’s her elbow. She’s healthier than the lot of us put together, well apart from her gammy knee that is
  • Did she get her results from the hospital?
  • Yeah, they were all clear
  • Ah that’s great
  • Yes it is great, but me ma is still not happy
  • Why not, she must have been relieved
  • You’d think so wouldn’t you? But no, not Maisie
  • What did she say?
  • She said they’re all a bunch of quacks and don’t know what they’re talking about
  • She’s just worried that there’s something else wrong with her
  • I know what’s wrong with her
  • What?
  • She’s a bleedin’ hypochondriac that’s what
  • It’s just her age Bern and she’s worried about getting old
  • I wish it was only her age she was moaning about Julie but she thinks she has every illness under the sun
  • Ah bless her
  • I’ll bless her alright
  • She doesn’t mean it
  • I know. Don’t mind me Jules I’m just worn out running after her.
  • What about the rest of the family?
  • Ah they’re great. We take turns dropping in to do a bit of shopping and cooking for her but she still moans that she sees nobody
  • You’re lucky to have her Bernie
  • I know. I’m the fucking moan now amn’t I Julie?
  • No, you’re just tired hon. You’ll be grand
  •  As the song goes… ‘I will survive’ Julie
  • Of course you’ll survive Bern. No better woman
  • Thank God it’s Phillo’s turn today but
  • Who’s with her tomorrow?
  • Jimmy
  • Haha, are you serious?
  • Yeah, he has a day off and I’ve an appointment so he said he’ll drop in for a few hours to keep her company
  • Poor Maisie
  • Poor fucking Jimmy you mean 🙄

4 thoughts on “I will survive #AtoZChallenge

  1. As we would say down in the southern region of the US, “bless her heart!” That mostly means you wouldn’t mind throttling her but you love her too much.

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