Nosey Parker

N (1)

  • I just saw someone puttin’ up a sign in Christy Byrnes garden
  • Is he sellin’? Ah jaysis, him and Imelda have been livin’ der for years
  • No, it looks like a plannin’ application
  • Really. I wonder what der gettin’ done?
  • I haven’t a scaldy Bernie
  • Did ye not read it
  • No I didn’t
  • Why not?
  • It’s none of my business
  • It is your business if it affects us
  • How will it affect us, they live around de bleedin’ corner
  • Well, if it’s too tall I won’t be able to see over der garage
  • What d’ye want to see over his garage for?
  • Well, I can see de bus comin’ up de main road over Christy’s  garage,  and den I know I’ve three minutes to get to the bus stop
  • I’ve heard it all now
  • I’m goin’ for a walk
  • For a walk? You never go for walks
  • I do so, it’s part of me keep fit routine for when I go to the health farm
  • You’re goin’ round to read Christys plannin’ application aren’t ye?
  • I might have a look on the way past
  • Yer a nosey bitch Bernie
  • I’m not bleedin’ nosey. I’m just curious
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Feck off Jimmy

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