In bits

I (1)


  • Mornin’ Bernie
  • Mornin’ Marie
  • Lovely mornin’ isn’t it
  • Stop shoutin’ will ye
  • I’m not shoutin’
  • Well lower your voice a few decibels will ye
  • What’s wrong with you?
  • I’m dyin’
  • Hungover ye mean
  • I feel like a bag of lego Marie
  • Do ye?
  • Ye …in bits
  • Ye should’ve stayed in bed
  • I should’ve done a lot of tings
  • Sit down and I’ll make ye a cuppa
  • Tanks Marie. I’m never drinkin’ again
  • You say dat every Monday mornin’
  • I mean it dis time. I’m gettin’ too old for dis lark. It was dat bleedin’ Captain Morgans did this
  • Good aul Captain Morgan
  • Deffo never again
  • What about Breda’s birthday?
  • When is it?
  • Friday night
  • Ah I’ll be grand by den. Two sugars der Marie. Tanks hun

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