Hun bun

H (1)

  • Are ye only up Bernie?
  • No, I’m up ages, why?
  • Ye look as if yer only ou’ve de bed
  • Feck off, I’m up hours
  • What’s with de hair den?
  • What’s wrong with me hair?
  • Did ye even brush it
  • Ye I did
  • Are ye goin’ for de just out of bed look?
  • I’ll give you de just slapped in de face look if ye don’t leave it out Julie
  • Sorry I spoke
  • I’m tryin’ out a new hairstyle
  • Are ye?
  • Ye, it’s de hun bun
  • Hun bun? How old are you Bernie…12?
  • I was only tryin’ it
  • Brush yer hair Ber will ye
  • You’re such a wagon Julie
  • Stay stunnin’ hun
  • Fuck off


Jaysis, ye can try nuttin’ new these days without gettin’ a slaggin’

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