The chat up

Me pal Lynn dropped round for a coffee and a chat on Saturday mornin’.

  • How  did you get on at the Hens party last night Bernie
  • We had a great night. Gorgeous meal, a few scoops a bit of karaoke
  • Sounds good
  • It was,until the young ones wanted to go to a nightclub
  • Did ye go
  • I did. Julie dragged me along, you know her for the dancin’
  • Ah Julie loves a bit of a bop alrigh’
  • So do I, but Jaysis Lynn, it was full of bleedin’ kids
  • Did ye get an ask up?
  • They don’t have slow sets anymore
  • Ah jaysis, that’s shite Bernie
  • I know. I did get chatted up bu’
  • Gerraway
  • Yeah
  • By who?
  • Some little pimple headed yoke
  • Ha, scarleh for ye Berno
  • He was about twelve
  • And he had a chat up line?
  • How do you like you’re eggs in the mornin’? he says
  • The dirtbird. What did you say Bernie?
  • With a cup of coffee and Kevin Bacon I says now fuck off home to yer mammy
  • Ye did not?
  • I did
  • Scarleh for him
  • He probably didn’t even know who Kevin Bacon was
  • I’d love a bit of Kevin Bacon meself
  • On toast Lynn
  • On a roll Bernie
  • A jumbo breakfast roll
  • With a big sausage
  • Ye dirty bitch Lynn
  • Wha’? That’s just your dirty mind Bernie
  • Does this make me a cougar or wha’?
  • Poor young fella would have been on a roll last night if you were
  • Ah, I felt a bit sorry for him after
  • He won’t be usin’ that chat up line again in a hurry
  • Not on me inannyway
  • No more nightclubs for you
  • Never say never
  • Ye still have it all the same Bernie
  • I never fuckin’ lost it Lynn

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