The mystery of the missing Z

My Z blog has vanished. I swear to God I posted it on Thursday morning and it went to my Facebook and my twitter.  Since Thursday I’ve received several messages asking me why I didn’t do Z.  I  had been wondering why I had no comments. Jimmy said yiz were all pissed of listening to me. ‘Fuck off’ I said ‘they love me, well actually I said they love you  ye big eejit’. Well he was delighted with himself. Now he’s pestering me ‘Wheres Z?

‘Fucked if I know Jimmy…it’s just gone’.

‘You must have deleted it’ he said.’I didn’t. I said ‘it was there’, Edwina and Kevin liked it and it’s on Facebook and twitter. ‘Go look for it’ he keeps saying. ‘I’m going ,I’m going’ I said ‘But you can make your own bleedin’ dinner. ‘Again’ says he, like he ever made it even once.

‘I wonder if Mystic Maura had anything to do with it’ I said to him. ‘You know after you were slagging her off’.

‘I did in me bolix slag her off’. says he, but he’s looking a bit worried all the same.

I’m off to have a gander for Z while he goes to the chipper. Wish me luck.

Bernie Rose Violet. xx

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