There was a knock on the door one day. I opened it to some young fella looking for my son…

  • Is Viler coming out
  • Who
  • Viler
  • There’s no one here by that name
  • He told me he lived here
  • Who are you?
  • Dotsie
  • Dotsie? What kind of a name is that
  • I’m Daniel Doherty, me friends call me Dotsie
  • Why?
  • It’s a nickname, like Viler
  • Who’s Viler?
  • Richard Violet. Does he not live here then?
  • Richard lives here; Viler doesn’t
  • Everyone calls him Viler, it’s short for Violet
  • Well I prefer Richard, I don’t like nicknames
  • No one calls him Richard, he’ll be scarlet
  • He can be scarlet all he likes. You can call him Rick
  • Rick? That’s a bit gay isn’t it?
  • And Dotsie is so masculine?
  • No need to be sarcastic Mrs.
  • Sorry Daniel. I called him Rick after Rick Astley
  • Who?
  • You know the singer ‘Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down’
  • Never heard of him
  • I suppose it was before your time
  • Why do you call him Richard if his name is Rick
  • His Da doesn’t like Rick Astley. We compromised. I call him Rick, his da calls him Richard
  • ..and we call him Viler
  • Does your mother not mind you being called Dotsie?
  • She said it’s better than Dotty. That’s what me da was called in school
  • Dotty Doherty, is he your da?
  • Yeah, do ye know him
  • I knew him years ago
  • That’s gas. I’ll tell him
  • Yeah, tell him Bear said hello
  • Bear? Viler said your name was Bernie
  • It is
  • So it was a nickname then? I thought you didn’t like nicknames?
  • It was more a term of endearment Daniel
  • What’s that?
  • Ask your da
  • I will missus. So is Viler…I mean Richard, sorry Rick coming out?
  • He’s not here. I’ll tell him you called
  • Cheers. See ye later Bear
  • Bye Dotsie

Dotty Doherty, now there’s a blast from the past  🙂

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