Its been a very long, very busy weekend, not much writing done and I’m way behind on my AtoZ so I will be cheating by reblogging some oldies. First one is with my auntie Mal 🥰

Auntie Marilyn is mam’s sister. I told her we were going on holiday to Wales to visit friends.

  • I’ve been to Wales with my pal, Pam.
  • What part of Wales did you go to auntie Mar?
  • Holyhead.
  • Sure there’s feck all in Holyhead, what did you do there?
  • We went on a day trip to Dublin on  the ferry.
  • But you live in Dublin.
  • I know that, Bernie.
  • So you went on your holidays to Wales and took a day trip back home?
  • Yes, it was marvelous.
  • but…why?
  • As you said, there was feck all in Holyhead. We were so bored, we booked a day trip for a tenner on the ferry.
  • Did you know it was going to Dublin?
  • Of course we did, we’re not stupid, Bernie.
  • Of course you’re not auntie Mar.
  • There was a band playing on board. We had a few drinks and a dance. We had a fabulous time.
  • So, what did you do when you got to Dublin?
  • We did a bit of shopping on Talbot Street. I bought a lovely pair of slacks in Guineys. Pam bought new net curtains for her downstairs loo.
  • I’ve heard it all now.
  • I would have popped home for a cuppa but we had to be back on the ferry for the return sailing.
  • You got the ferry back? Would you not have been better staying put? Sure you only live around the corner from Guineys.
  • Don’t be silly Bernie, we still had two days left of our holidays and our return ticket.

God bless auntie Marilyn, she cracks me up  🙂

8 thoughts on “Marilyn

  1. Oh my, this made me laugh so hard my other half came to find out why! That is absolutely priceless. We have a saying here “there’s feck all in Blackall”….it’s not true but it does rhyme.

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