Shell shocked

My grandson,Bobby came to see me yesterday.

  • Hiya nanny, you know I’m seven next week.
  • I do indeed love, you’re growing up so fast.
  • I’m taller than Josh in my class.
  • I’m sure you are, sure wasn’t your daddy very tall. Now listen, what would you like for your birthday?
  • I’m getting a tortoise.
  • Isn’t that great, but what will I buy for you?
  • Maybe something for his house?
  • Like a lamp for beside his bed?
  • Dont be silly nana. He’ll be sleeping in his shell.
  • You’re right, he’d never fit a lamp in there.
  • But you can buy a lamp for him if you’ve your heart set on it,nanna.

Aww bless him, he’s too cute.
Now I wonder where I’d get a lamp for a tortoise?🤭

10 thoughts on “Shell shocked

  1. I know you’ll find one or you aren’a granny. You should have see Bud and me tearing the town up trying to find a Captain America. My granddaughter had lost Captain America’s shield and he was useless without it.

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