Jimmy isn’t coping too well with the heat these days, actually, he’s a narky bolix to be honest…and the girls aren’t helping with their clothing…or lack of

  • Can you give me a lift to work da, I’m running late
  • Well you’d better hurry up and get dressed then, I’m picking Mick up in ten minutes
  • I am dressed
  • I thought you said you were going to work?
  • I am
  • Dressed like that?
  • Like what?
  • Like you’re off to a beach party
  • Its 22degrees ouside da and it’s not even eight o’clock yet. What do you want me to wear?
  • Your work clothes if you’re going to work
  • The boss said we can dress casual during the Heatwave
  • So where do you work now? Love Island?
  • Stop being so dramatic da
  • I’m not being dramatic, I just don’t think that’s appropriate clothing for work in an insurance office
  • You’re jealous,just because you have to wear your overalls
  • Well I’d hardly being going on site in a mankini now would I ?
  • Jesus da, why did you put that image into me head?
  •  Could you not put a cardigan on at least?
  • A cardigan? Who do you think I am…your ma?
  • Don’t be so cheeky, you’ll be thrown out of that job you will
  • …and why would they throw me out?
  • If you carry on going in half naked, they will
  • I’m not half naked da, I’m wearing a skirt and a top
  • That’s not a skirt Koko…it’s a bleedin’ belt
  • Stop carrying on like an aul one da . D’ye know what, forget the lift, I’ll get the bus
  • You will not; get into the van now. You’re not walking to the bus stop like that
  • Are you serious da?
  • Yes I am, and here put my jacket across your knee. You’ll give Mick a heart attack this hour of the morning
  • I’m sure Mick has seen a pair of legs da
  • It’s not your legs I’m worried about him seeing
  • Jesus da, you’re getting worse.  Ma, talk to him will you!

I’m keeping out of it


polka skirt




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