Oh Brother #AtoZChallenge

O 2017

  • Nice flowers ma
  • Bernard brought them for me
  • How is Saint Bernard these days?
  • Stop calling him that Bernie
  • Why?
  • He’s your brother. Be nice
  • He’s a pain in the arse ma
  • I won’t tell you again Bernadette
  • I’m not five ma
  • Well stop acting it then
  • Oh, you want me to act like Golden Balls Bernard do you?
  • There’s no need for that language in this house
  • I’ll leave so will I?
  • Do what you like
  • Don’t start ma
  • You started it Bernie. Calling your brother names
  • Ah leave it out ma will you. Bernard calls once in a blue moon and you think the sun shines out of his arse
  • He’s very busy
  • We’re all busy ma
  • Oh well don’t let me keep you from your busy life. I’ll be grand on me own
  • Jaysis he’s not even here and he’s causing shite
  • He did nothing
  • Tell me about it ma
  • What do you mean?
  • He’s very busy. I told you
  • Too busy to come over and cut the grass or clean the windows for his mother once in a while
  • He works very hard. He has his own family to worry about
  • YOU’RE HIS FAMILY MA. For fuck sake. Stop always sticking up for him
  • I’m not sticking up for him
  • You are so. Jaysis, he brings over a poxy bunch of flowers  three weeks after Mother’s day and all of a sudden he’s son of the year
  • He’s MY SON
  • When it suits him
  • I wish you wouldn’t be fighting with each other
  • How can I fight with him when I never see him
  • Please Bernie
  • Ah whatever ma. I’ll just go and put these flowers in a vase. The lazy shite couldn’t even manage to do that.

Do you ever feel like just screaming?





9 thoughts on “Oh Brother #AtoZChallenge

  1. Oh, do i know how this feels! My sister is the oldest. I’m the baby. My brother is the middle child. He’s got the daughter with the college degree. He’s got the house with the pool. My mother once told me I’m her favorite, but I don’t believe it. My sister and I agree our brother is the Shiny One.

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