B (1)

  • You’re not goin’ out like that
  • Like wha’ Da?
  • Like ye forgot to get dressed
  • Bu’ I am dressed Da
  • Dat’s not dressed…dat’s half dressed. Yer not goin’ out in yer bra and knickers
  • It’s hot pants and a bikini top Da
  • It’s a bra and knickers
  • It’s de fashion Da
  • Fashion my arse,yer like a slapper
  • Da, stoppit
  • You stoppit, thinkin’ ye can go out in dat state
  • But da. Der only new. Dey cost half me tips from work
  • Well ye were robbed, go back and ask them where’s de rest of it
  • You haven’t a clue
  • I have a clue, dat’s why I’m not lettin’ you out in dat state.Now gerrup dat stairs and get dressed or yer not goin’ past dat front door
  • Ma, tell him will ye
  • Yer ma will tell me nuttin’. Who’s de boss in dis house?
  • Ma is
  • She is not, tell her Bernie

I’m sayin’ nuttin’ …


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