Hello…I’ve lost my car

This is why I get the bus into town to do me shoppin’

Trish Nugent Writer.

Dundrum multi story car park is not a good place to lose your car on a busy Friday afternoon before Christmas. It doesn’t help when no one will help when you call for assistance. I know how sad and lonely Adele felt now when she kept getting no reply…

Dundrum carpark

Hello… it’s me.I was wondering if after all this time you can help me

It’s been so long, at least half an hour, and I can’t find my car

Hello, can you hear me? I wish I was in California dreaming about my car, but I’m in Dundrum and that’s not very far. It feels like there’s a million miles between us.

Hello, from the outside. I must have called you a thousand times but you are never there

Hello.Can you hear me on the other side? At least I can say I’ve tried

To tell you I’m sorry I’ve lost…

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