The quiet man and the wild woman

Maureen O'Hara

  • Ā See poor aul Maureen O’Hara died Jimmy
  • Lord rest her. She was a great age but Bernie
  • Ninety five. Jaysis imagine living to be ninety five
  • She looked great for her age. She always reminded me of me ma
  • She wasn’t a bit like your ma. Your ma had brown hair, before she went grey I mean. Maureen was a redhead
  • I’m not talking about her hair Bernie. I mean her manner
  • What? A drama Queen you mean?
  • My ma is not a drama Queen
  • Whatever you say Jimmy
  • Maureen never forgot where she came from. My ma is the same.
  • Your ma has lived in The Liberties all her life Jimmy, she’s hardly likely to forget
  • She was a passionate woman
  • Who? Your ma?
  • No Maureen. Remember her in ‘The Quiet Man’
  • She was acting Jimmy. she was an actress
  • Me da always said she had fire in her blood
  • Maureen?
  • No, me ma. I believe she was a wild woman in her day
  • …and him such a quiet man himself
  • Except when he drank whiskey
  • Remember what he said when you’d ask him if he’d like a drop of water for his whiskey Jimmy.
  • ‘When I drink whiskey I drink whiskey. When I drink water I drink water’
  • He robbed that from the movie
  • He said they robbed it from him
  • The quiet man
  • …and the wild woman
  • R.I.P. Da
  • R.I.P. Maureen

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