A to Z April Challenge Reflections

reflections a2z 2015

I did it. My very first Dublin Housewife blogging challenge. Twenty six days of posting conversations…mostly with Jimmy. He didn’t know, but I told him last week after we had a few scoops by the pool. I’ve been away on me alcoholiers in Benidorm so sorry for not hooking up with fellow bloggers all week. I’m going to spend the weekend catching up with all I’ve missed, now that I’ve finished all the washing and ironing.

Sure what else would I be doing with the state of that weather. It’s bucketing down. It feels like another lifetime since I was lying by the pool sipping penis coladas.

I just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed this challenge and it has been great to meet fellow bloggers and read all of your posts. They were all so different. I hope you enjoyed mine. I was delighted with all the feed back. Jimmy was getting a bit pissed off with me at times tho’ before he knew what I was up to. ‘Are you ever off that bleedin’ laptop?’ says he. ‘Are you writing a book or wha?’

Now there’s an idea!   🙂

See yiz all later . xxxx Bernie

9 thoughts on “A to Z April Challenge Reflections

  1. I was a first-time challenger this year and I enjoyed it a lot. But you know what I hate about it? I didn’t discover so many blogs.
    I’ve just found yours from Lillian’s comment section, and… well, I’ll be honest, the Spire hooked me 😉
    I’m Italian, but I lived in Dublin for nearly one year, years ago, and I confess my heart is still there, that’s why I visit quite often.
    So… I suppose I’ll keep haunting this blog, why not? 😉

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