Overeating #AtoZChallenge

I'm very behind on this Ato Z challenge this month. I don't have a minute to meself, and then Carmel asks me to go to weight watchers with her. I'm hardly obese but I said I'd go to support her. She hates going on her own because that bean pole Audrey who runs the class … Continue reading Overeating #AtoZChallenge

April goals and Alcoholliers #AtoZChallenge

Ok so as well as doing the AtoZ Challenge this month I'm also on a mission to lose weight before me alcoholliers. I could be fighting a losing battle because I get no encouragement from anyone in this gaff...   JIMMY!! What? What time is it? It's half past twelve Well why does it say … Continue reading April goals and Alcoholliers #AtoZChallenge