Zumba #AprilAtoZChallenge

Last day of the challenge and I’m leaving you all in a sweat. (me, not you) I got to wear the leggings and sweatband again ( Koko is mortified, but I don’t care) and I’ve finally found a fun way to exercise and keep fit. I’ve ditched the diet and joined ZumbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaΒ  πŸ˜‰


  • Are you alright Bernie?
  • I can’t breathe Julie
  • That was tough wasn’t it?
  • My body is fucked, I’m too old for this carry on
  • Old my arse. Did you see that aul one in front of us? She was at least seventy five
  • The one doing the slut drops?
  • Yeah, she might have looked like Madonnas ma, but jesus she had the moves of an eighteen year old
  • I never had moves like that, even when I was eighteen
  • Get away out of that I saw you doing them booty bounces, you were on fire Bernie. Eat your heart out BeyoncΓ©
  • Says you, Nikki Minaj!
  • Ah you can’t beat a bit of twerking Bernie, but do you know what? I’m so glad I wore my knicker stickers are you?
  • I wore two, and my Bridget Jones specials as well…after my running accident, I wasn’t taking any chances
  • You did right Bernie. It was good craic though wasn’t it?
  • Brilliant Julie, but I thought we were going to do the beginners class?
  • That WAS the beginners class Bernie
  • Are you serious? I thought we’d gone to the advanced class by mistake
  • Ah, we’re just out of practice, we’ll be slut dropping with Madonnas aul one in no time
  • I’m not sure about them pelvic thrusts though Julie
  • You can practice with Jimmy for next week…you are coming back next week aren’t you?
  • Try stopping me Julie, poor Jimmy won’t know what hit him….


I think I’ve found my calling ladsΒ  πŸ˜‰

See you all in May πŸ˜‰

29 thoughts on “Zumba #AprilAtoZChallenge

  1. I hear some accent, and loved the exchange with your friend. No idea what a slut drop. I hope it’s a move in zumba ! LOL. I notice that some months you don’t blog as much. That’s ok, I have been like that also. Sometimes I felt like I needed to get away from writing as I was going through some other stuff and it was hard. Now I have had a new kidney transplant and feel like writing 4 times a week approximately. I really like meeting people through the comments. Nice to meet you.

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      1. Doing “grand” and next Friday will be my one year anniversary of my surgery. My previous transplant lasted 30 years, this one I hope will last as long which means it will outlive me.

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