Keto, Koko and the Kardashians #AtoZChallenge


  • Ma, you should do that Keto diet
  • What’s that when it’s at home Koko?
  • You’re allowed eat loads of chocolate and cheese and cream and all the high in fat stuff
  • You’re making this up
  • I am not. The Kardashians swear by it
  • Oh well if the Kardashians swear by it, it must be great so
  • Don’t be sarcastic ma. I’m trying to help you here
  • I’m sorry love but, you never shut up about them bleedin’ Kardashian shower
  • Well, look at their bodies, it’s obviously working
  • The fat is obviously travelling down to their arses…which is where I want to get rid of it
  • They’re implants ma, don’t be stupid
  • Well, excuse me
  • So what does this diet involve then?
  • It’s low carb, high fat; something to do with turning fat into ketones
  • It’s all double dutch to me Koko
  • Basically, your fat is burned quicker so you lose weight quicker
  • What’s the catch?
  • No catch, you eat more fats that carbohydrates
  • So no potatoes or pasta then?
  • Well, I think you can eat some, but not as much
  • I suppose it’s worth a go
  • I’ll do it with you ma
  • There’s not a pick on you as it is Koko
  • It’s healthy as well ma. You’re always telling me to stop eating shite
  •  I’ll make a shopping list
  • Don’t forget the chocolate ma
  • Jaysis, it doesn’t sound too healthy to me
  • Oh, and you still have to excercise
  • I knew there was a catch!

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