Gourmet grub #AtoZChallenge

G 2018

  • Me and Jimmy went out for a meal last night.
  • Lovely. Where did you go
  • That new Italian place in the village…Gourmet grub my arse
  • That bad was it?
  • It was my first time out since I started my diet.
  • So what was the problem?
  • They tried charging us twelve euro for a bowl of lettuce
  •  Jesus, you’re really taking this diet seriously… a bowl of lettuce?
  • I ordered a Caesar salad, and they gave me a bowl of lettuce with four croutons, not a sign of a bit of bacon or dressing
  • That’s shocking, did you pay them?
  • I did in me hole Julie
  • So what did you do?
  • I complained to the manager. She said they’ve been using the same recipe for years and have never received one complaint
  • They have a recipe for mixing lettuce with croutons?
  • Who knew?
  • So what happened?
  • She apologised and offered to get me another one. ‘No thanks’ says I, ‘one head of lettuce a night is more than enough for me’
  • So what did you have?
  • A large glass of Merlot…on the house
  • That’s the least they could do, but what did you eat?
  • Fish and chips
  • So the chef could actually cook then?
  • I wouldn’t know; I got it in the Borza on the way home from the pub
  • So the diet is off then…again?
  • Just until tomorrow Julie


caesar salad

13 thoughts on “Gourmet grub #AtoZChallenge

  1. If there is one thing i cannot stand, it is a restaurant that makes itself out to be so fancy that it charges a huge price for a tiny meal.

    My friend from Toronto makes a killer Caesar salad, she got the recipe from her cousin’s restaurant in Italy. Trust me, a good one is much more than lettuce and croutons.


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