F (1)

  • Giz a lend of a tenner will ye ma
  • I will not
  • Why?
  • Cos ye still owe me a tenner from last week
  • I told ye I’d pay ye when I get me wages. I’m just a bit short on funds ’til Friday
  • Ye said dat last week
  • But I will pay ye back
  • At this rate you’ll owe me all your wages
  • Don’t exaggerate ma
  • I’m not exaggeratin’. Don’t tink I’ve forgotten about the twenty ye borrowed on Paddys day
  • Are ye still goin’ on about dat, jaysis ma
  • I’m not bleedin’ made of money ye know
  • I know, and it doesn’t grow on trees either
  • No it doesn’t, and don’t get smart wit me young lady
  • I’m not gettin’smart. I only want a lend of a tenner
  • Dis is de last time Kylie
  • Tanks ma, your de best
  • You only ever say dat when yer borrowin’ money
  • Well accordin’ to you, dat’s all de time so
  • Gerraway outta dat, before I change me mind
  • Love ye ma

Ah, sure she’s not de worst  😉

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