Bernie Rosé

Have you any spare wine ma? There's no such thing as spare wine, Whitney. Well, do you have a bottle I could borrow? You don't know the meaning of borrow. You take and never return. I do so. Where are the last dozen bottles you 'borrowed' then? When? Every time you're going out you take … Continue reading Bernie Rosé

One moment in time…not the age of Aquarius

Koko really loves to wind me up and take the piss... What do you mean I'm not a Pisces anymore? There's this new sign,ma.Its called Ophiuchus, so all the dates have changed to make room for it.Well it can go and Ophuck off. I was born a Pisces and I'll stay a Pisces.No, you're Aquarius … Continue reading One moment in time…not the age of Aquarius