Pass remarkable pals#AtoZChallenge



You know the ‘friends’ that haven’t a bleedin’ clue but comment anyway!

  • You coming for a pint tonight Ber?
  • Not tonight Tina, I’m saving myself for the weekend
  • Are you not well?
  • I’m grand, just watching me weight
  • Are you still on about your weight?
  • What do you mean ‘STILL on about my weight’?
  • You’re obsessed Bernie
  • I am not
  • You are, all you talk about these days is food and calories
  • Well we can’t all be skinny Minnies
  • I said I’d diet with you
  • Stoppit will you…You’re not called Tiny Tina for nothing
  • I was trying to be supportive Bernie
  • You had a salad one day two weeks ago….whoop dee doo, go you!
  • …and I went to Slimming World with you
  • That went down well with you arriving in your size eight skinny jeans and belly top… way to go Tina
  • I can’t help being skinny
  • You can help by not flaunting it in a slimming world class. You thought it was hilarious.Don’t think I didn’t see you smirking when Marjorie got on the scales
  • I wasn’t smirking
  • I bet you went straight round to Melanies gaff to tell her about the fatties getting weighed
  • I was just being a friend
  • Yeah right…and I’m trying to lose weight
  • …and becoming a boring shite in the process
  • Excuse me?
  • There’s more to life than dieting and talking about calories Bernie
  • Oh and you’d know all about dieting wouldn’t you? Well, I won’t be able to bore you tonight will I? Seeing as I’m staying in
  • Don’t be like that Bernie
  • Like what? Boring? Fat?
  • Ah now you’re just being stupid. You just need to wear the right clothes and…
  • Fuck off Tina, and mind you don’t slip down a drain on your way to the pub
  • There’s no need to be rude Bernie
  • I haven’t even started Tina

fat girl


Jaysis, with friends like her, who needs chocolate