The fourteen year old virgin

This is an actual conversation that I over heard between two young girls on a very bus last Saturday. I'm still not the better of it... Are you still  with Cory? Yeah. D'ye love him? Yeah, I suppose, whatever love is. Did you love him when you were with him? Yeah, I mean, he's really … Continue reading The fourteen year old virgin

V is for…Very rude to visitors #AtoZchallenge

  I told you before that Maisie thinks she can say what she likes, and she usually does. Now that she's in hospital, she's even worse than ever before. Me auntie Lil (Ma's sister in law, who she cant stand) popped in to visit her the other evening. We all know that auntie Lil would … Continue reading V is for…Very rude to visitors #AtoZchallenge