Pile of shite


dog shit

  • Sorry I’m late Jules. I walked in dog shite and had to go change my boots
  • Ah that’s disgusting Bernie. Where was it?
  • Right outside my front gate that’s where. I swear to god I’m sick of them
  • You never liked dogs Bernie
  • I’m not talking about the dog, yeah I’m not fond of them but it’s their owners I’m sick of, letting them shite wherever they like and not bothering their arse cleaning up after them
  • Pooper scoopers should be compulsory
  • Giving the dog owners a kick in the hole should be compulsory Julie
  • ‘Here you… pick up your dogs shite’ I roared out the window after one fella last week, and the fucker just gave me the finger
  • I’d have run after him with it if it was me Ber
  • Well I would have but I was only out of the shower. I only had a towel wrapped around me. I’ve been watching out for him ever since. There hasn’t been a sign of him or his dog  until today
  • Did you run after him today?
  • No, I  missed him, but I didn’t miss the dog shite. I stepped right into it in me new boots
  • Dirty bastard. You’ll have to catch him Ber
  • God help him when I do Jules, I swear I’ll shove it in his face
  • Who even lets their dog do that?
  • Dirty ignorant fuckers that’s who.Probably doesn’t wipe his own arse either
  • Gross Bernie
  • Tell me about it. I had to clean it up what was left of it, most of it was on the bottom of my good boots.
  • That’s shite Bernie
  • It is Julie. Pure shite.
  • So you won’t be ordering the chocolate cake today then Ber?
  • I think I’ll pass on that one Jules