Queer as folk #AtoZChallenge

Q 2017

  • Olive Byrne’s young fella came out at the weekend ma
  • Out where?
  • You know…OUT. He told her he’s gay
  • Is he sure he’s gay? It could just be a phrase.
  • Exactly Bernie.You know what young people are like these days
  • I’m sure he knows if he’s gay or not ma
  • Wasn’t he over in America last summer?
  • What’s that got to do with anything?
  • Maybe that’s where he got the idea?
  • What idea?
  • To be gay Bernie
  • You don’t just decide to be gay ma. You’re born that way.
  • I’m not so sure Bernie
  • So you think he woke up one morning and said, ‘Hey I’m in America, I think I’ll be gay now’
  • Well he got it from somewhere
  • You’re born gay ma. You don’t just catch it, like the measles or the chicken pox
  • Well I don’t remember him being queer before he went over there
  • Stop saying queer ma
  • What?
  • It’s the same as gay.
  • Queer means a bit odd. He’s not odd.
  • Well gay used to mean happy.How come you can say gay and not queer.
  • You just can’t, and anyway you don’t go away and just come back gay
  • At least Olive will have someone to go shopping with now
  • So, because he’s gay, he’s going to go shopping with his mammy?
  • It’s what the gays do Bernadette.
  • How would you know what gays do ma?
  • I know more than you do Bernadette. I wonder does he know Barry and Mark?
  • Who?
  • The gays across the road Bernie.
  • Ma just because he’s gay doesn’t mean he knows everyone that’s gay
  • I must ask Leonard at the dancing this week
  • Ma, stop it
  • You’re right, Leonard is too old, I’ll just ask Barry and Mark so


Give me patience with this woman!