Blankety Blank



  • Terry Wogan but Jimmy ¬†ūüė¶
  • Another one bites the dust
  • January has been a bitch
  • Sure has Ber
  • Best Eurovision presenter ever
  • He was good craic alright
  • Graham Norton is good tho’
  • I believe ye Ber
  • Children in Need will never be the same
  • Another gig for Graham then
  • Ah stoppit Jimmy
  • I’m only makin’ an observation Bernie
  • The two of them are from Limerick
  • I suppose someone has to be
  • True
  • Remember Blankety Blank?
  • I always wanted a blankety blank cheque book and pen
  • Only the losers got one of them Ber
  • You would have got one handy enough then Jimmy
  • Fuck off Ber
  • Jaysis, take a joke will ye
  • You’re hilarious alright
  • Terry was on Top of the Pops once
  • I remember ‘The Floral dance’?
  • Scarlet for him
  • He loved takin’ the piss
  • He was never crude but Jimmy
  • True Bernie. He could have the ¬†craic without being vulgar
  • Unlike some people
  • What are you gettin’ at
  • Nothin’. Just sayin’
  • Right
  • A gentleman with a great sense of humour
  • Gas man alright
  • Ye know he was great pals with Gloria
  • ¬†Gloria √Čstefan?
  • No, ye gobshite; Gloria Hunniford
  • Yer one off loose women?
  • I thought you didn’t watch loose women?
  • I don’t. I heard you talkin’ about her on it once
  • Yeah right. Ye know Terry used to call her Glorious Hunnybuns
  • Good man Terry
  • So many legends gone since Christmas Jimmy
  • Terry is up there with them all
  • Doin’ the floral dance
  • Still takin’ the piss
  • Havin’ a pint with Alan Rickman
  • …and Lemmy
  • Playing Bowie records
  • Great DJ
  • They needed the best
  • They have him now


R.I.P. Terry


Sixty nine


D’ye know how people say things always come in threes Bernie?


I hope it’s true


David Bowie was 69 when he died


Alan Rickman died today

Was he the fella from Harry Potter?


Aww, I loved him. That’s sad

He was 69

What are you gettin’ at Jimmy?

Donald Trump is 69

Is he Jimmy?

He is..


I’m only makin’ an observation Ber

I’ll keep me eye on the news then


I’ll let ye know

Thanks Ber