Eat pray love

Rome or India?For what?A break away.Oh lovely, but you know I can't go anywhere until the end of June.I meant on my own.On your own? Seriously?Yeah, why not.You hate being on your own.No I don't.You get koko to sleep with you when I stay over in my mas.That's just because we want to watch  our … Continue reading Eat pray love

Farts #Bloggingfromatoz

See some poor young one ended up in hospital because she held her farts in for too long.Why would she hold her farts in?She didn't want to let one off in front of her new boyfriend.Could she not do it when she wasn't with him?Surely she wasn't with him 24/7?She could leave the room when … Continue reading Farts #Bloggingfromatoz

Dreams of an everyday housewife.

Is this it,Jimmy?What?Life.What do you mean?Get up, get washed, get dressed, have breakfast, hoover the stairs. Same shite everyday.You don't hoover the stairs everyday.You know what I mean. Housework,  cooking, cleaning. It's all I do.You go to the supermarket.Be still my beating heart.What do you want to do?I want a bit of excitement before I … Continue reading Dreams of an everyday housewife.

In my heart it’s spring…

Wouldn't it wear you out all the same, Bernie?What,ma?Winter.It would.Dark days, darker nights.The cold and rain.January is the worst, it's never ending.It's a whole season in itself.It'd put years on you. Will it ever end?What,January, Bernie.It's February,ma.Is it?The 7th.You just get so used to January, you forget other months exist.Well, its over since last Monday.Thanks … Continue reading In my heart it’s spring…

Remember me

Jimmy's ma is getting more forgetful lately. Howya, Lily.Who are you?I'm Bernie.Jack's sister?No, Jimmy's wife.Jimmy?Your son, James. James is in London working. He's home.Since when?1985.No one told me.He's just putting the kettle on.I'd better get his room ready.No need, Lily.But his bed is not made.Have a cuppa first, then I'll help you.If that young one … Continue reading Remember me