D (1)

  • Your dinner is in the oven love
  • I had somethin’ when I was ou’
  • What d’ye mean ye had somethin’? Ye said yid be in for yer dinner
  • I know but I met Gazzer and we went to Nandos
  • …and ye never thought of ringin’ me…or textin’ even?
  • I forgot
  • Ye forgot? Dat bleedin’ mobile phone is never ou’ve your hand, how could you forget?
  • Well I’ve no credit inannyway
  • You’ve enough credit to text your mates night and day but the minute you have to txt yer ma, all of a sudden you’ve none
  • I can’t help it if I’ve no money for credit
  • But you’ve money for bleedin’ Nandos
  • Gazzer paid
  • Gazzer? sure he’s always feckin’ broke
  • He got his dole this mornin’
  • Dat’s lovely alright. I’m sure his aul one is delighted to hear him spendin’ his welfare on Nandos
  • She doesn’t care. Saves her for cookin’ for him
  • Ye, while she sits on her hole down in Slatterys bar downin’ pints. And ye know, she probably gets more thanks dan I do. Well ye know what, I think I’ll take a leaf ou’ve Sharon’s book and go the pub instead of slavin’ over a hot stove all day , cookin’ a dinner for someone who doesn’t give a shite
  • Ah leave it out ma will ye.
  • I will not leave it out. Ye can make yer own dinner in future. I’ve had it up to here with you lot comin’ and goin’ and treatin’ dis place like a bleedin’ Hotel and not givin’ a word of thanks for anything I do for yis
  • I only went to Nandos for jaysis sake
  • Well ye can go te Nandos tomorrow aswell
  • I’m goin’ te bed ma. Goodnight
  • …and goodnight to you too. I’ll just go put yer dinner in de bin…AGAIN
  • Right ma
  • Don’t you right me, and don’t forget,here’ll be no dinner here tomorrow.
  • Ye always say dat ma
  • Well dis time I really mean it. No more dinners in dis gaf for you


Bleedin’ kids!!

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