Lappy come home


My laptop is banjaxed. All of my writing is lost. Gone forever. Don’t ask me what went wrong. I haven’t a bleedin’ clue. All I know is, I spent ages writing and now I can’t find anything. This is why I haven’t posted on my blog for the past week. Anyway to make a long story painful… Lappy has had to go in to get fixed so I’m back to good old pen and paper. Jimmy said I’m on it so much that it probably self destructed to give itself a rest.

‘Fuck off you  and watch the match will you’ says I

‘Don’t start taking it out on me’ says he ‘
‘Well just leave me alone then and let me get on with my writing says I.’

‘Oooh, excuse me’ says he. ‘…let me get on with my writing’ Who are you bleedin’ Joan Collins?’

‘Ask me hoop’ Jimmy says I

I swear he’s winding me up on purpose. He was starting to get on my nerves now. I wish he’d fuck off to the pub to watch the football so I could watch me soaps or a movie or something. I’ve a pain in me face listening to the constant commentating from the telly and worse still from him

– foul ref
– ah ye bleedin’ stockin’
– ah for Jasus sake, kick the bleedin’ ball
– Offside, offside, ah holy mother of divine, what the fuck…
– Ref, ref, where’s the bleedin’ ref?

I left him to it, shouting at the telly like a lunatic

I came out to the library for a bit of peace and quiet ( and to use their computer) but I have to go home sometime.

If you don’t hear from me soon. You’ll know I’m in the Joy serving time for murdering him. Wish me luck guys. I will be able to comment from my phone but that’s about it. I hope you’ll wait for me and continue to follow.
Come home soon lappy….please 🙂


Diary of a Dublin housewife begins

bad days

I’m facing all my writing fears

Running out of new ideas

I see where I’m going wrong

I’ve been doing it for too long

Writing everything in rhyme

I know I do it all the time

It’s time to take another road

Forget my poetry, my odes

Time to write about my life

The diary of a Dublin wife

My ups, my downs, my ins, my outs

My thoughts, my dreams, my fears my doubts

The things that make me laugh and cry

That brings me both despair and joy

I do hope my blog won’t bore

I hope you will come back for more.