Jimmy ( Running away)#AtoZChallenge

Does anyone else have a secret stash? Running away money we call it. Mine is in an old  Bisto Tin. My ma gave it to me before I got married. 'But a few bob in there whenever you can. You never know the day or the hour you might need to get out Bernie' she … Continue reading Jimmy ( Running away)#AtoZChallenge

Girls allowed (Liverpool)#AprilAtoZ

Me and the girls emptied our Bisto tins and fecked off with our running away money...just for the weekend to Liverpool, we came back  like. ( We always come back...well, most of us, but that's another story altogether)  I couldn't wait to get away from everything; me ma, the kids, even Jimmy.  As usual, we … Continue reading Girls allowed (Liverpool)#AprilAtoZ