So, everyone’s gone out. I’ve no one to talk to but meself. Egged on by Judy Martin I said I’d try to write a Limerick for International Limerick day…yes there is such a thing! Who knew? You’ll be sorry you opened your mouth Judy!!   Here goes…


There once was a fella called Jimmy

Who when dancing attempted to shimmy

He hadn’t a clue

So he took off his shoes

And jived with his great auntie Minnie…

dancing man

I really don’t think I should be left on me own too often!


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Blankety Blank



  • Terry Wogan but Jimmy  😦
  • Another one bites the dust
  • January has been a bitch
  • Sure has Ber
  • Best Eurovision presenter ever
  • He was good craic alright
  • Graham Norton is good tho’
  • I believe ye Ber
  • Children in Need will never be the same
  • Another gig for Graham then
  • Ah stoppit Jimmy
  • I’m only makin’ an observation Bernie
  • The two of them are from Limerick
  • I suppose someone has to be
  • True
  • Remember Blankety Blank?
  • I always wanted a blankety blank cheque book and pen
  • Only the losers got one of them Ber
  • You would have got one handy enough then Jimmy
  • Fuck off Ber
  • Jaysis, take a joke will ye
  • You’re hilarious alright
  • Terry was on Top of the Pops once
  • I remember ‘The Floral dance’?
  • Scarlet for him
  • He loved takin’ the piss
  • He was never crude but Jimmy
  • True Bernie. He could have the  craic without being vulgar
  • Unlike some people
  • What are you gettin’ at
  • Nothin’. Just sayin’
  • Right
  • A gentleman with a great sense of humour
  • Gas man alright
  • Ye know he was great pals with Gloria
  •  Gloria Éstefan?
  • No, ye gobshite; Gloria Hunniford
  • Yer one off loose women?
  • I thought you didn’t watch loose women?
  • I don’t. I heard you talkin’ about her on it once
  • Yeah right. Ye know Terry used to call her Glorious Hunnybuns
  • Good man Terry
  • So many legends gone since Christmas Jimmy
  • Terry is up there with them all
  • Doin’ the floral dance
  • Still takin’ the piss
  • Havin’ a pint with Alan Rickman
  • …and Lemmy
  • Playing Bowie records
  • Great DJ
  • They needed the best
  • They have him now


R.I.P. Terry